From Alnmouth to Warkworth Beach…..

Wet over night but dry grey and blustery for most of the day. Again we parked up on the outskirts of Alnmouth on the coastal road looking over the inlet of the river Aln.

This time though we had to head inland a bit to cross the river.

And walk for a mile or so before we could head back down over the dunes to Buston Links beach the other half (south) of Alnmouyh Bay and what a beauty – looking north back towards Alnmouth….

And south towards Amble….

I guess mainly because of its remoteness (though if you were in the know there were a couple of car parks hhidden amongst the dunes) and the fact that the coastal path actually runs behind the dunes following the main road a good half a mile or so above the beach it was deserted….

By the time we had walked the full length of the beach, the weather had started to deteriorate a bit and we were joined by a bit of damp mizzle with visibability gradually worsening. At the end of the beach we clambered over the rocky outcrop of Birling Carrs onto Warkworth Beach….

A slightly stonier (there were no stones on Buston Links beach!) but mainly sandy beach heading off into the distance…

This however was our turning point and we took a footpath across Warkworth Golf Course to take the coastal path back into Alnmouth.

A pretty largish village, well served with pubs (I counted 4 in quite quick succession on the main street), a few shops and other eateries.

A very pleasant 8 mile walk.

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