From Howick to Seaton Point….

Dry overnight for a change and a lovely sunny morning, though more cloudy in the afternoon, it is still very chilly as the wind is cold but we can live with that. Today we parked up in the same lay-by as yesterday and took the path down to Iron Scar.

Today we are heading south and crossed the little bridge over the stream.

Over the dunes to this beauty….

Sugar Sands a stunning sandy bay….

There were a few people set up with camera or telescopic tripods on the beach, so I figured a wired up Springer could possibly have a catastrophic effect and we moved on.

Just around the corner is the delightful Howdiemont Sands…

Not quite as pretty but at least here Poppydog could have some freedom and was gone!

After a while we continued along the top, as the beach was mostly rocky outcrops, until we arrived at Boulmer a small fishing village running along a narrow strip of sand and plenty of exposed rock.

Walking to the far end of this beach we clambered over the rocks of Seaton Point onto Seaton Sands, another wide expanse of sand, a bit weedy in places but pretty all the same.

A collection of Chalets and old caravans sit along the top of this beach (very English) – I think it is a real shame that these joyful little huts, in their varying states of repair are no longer welcome on our beaches.

Time to head back and as the tide is rapidly coming in and the waves pretty fiesty we stuck to the coastal path to complete this rather amazing 8 mile walk. Look at the waves breaking over Sugar Sands – fantastic….

Oh yes and some rather cute calves, especially cute as they are on the other side of a fence!

One thought on “From Howick to Seaton Point….

  1. Ex-hurricane Lorenzo has just arrived in the south – although today was a much better day than we expected. We had lunch outside!
    I agree about the little beach huts, although I s’pose they would be everywhere if the planning was as relaxed as it used to be in the 1940s. The whole of Sandbanks, now some of the most expensive real estate in the world, used to be nothing but little shacks. It looked a lot nicer then…


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