From Howick down to Iron Scar and onto Craster….

The weather is being quite kind at the moment, raining at night and dry albeit rather windy and cool during the day, today at least was mostly sunny. Today we drove to Howick, finding a rather handy lay-by and followed a footpath down to the shore and lovely little strip of sand at Iron Scar.There are a number of sandy bays, between the rocky outcrops, heading southwards which we shall enjoy another day, as today our destination is again Craster, but this time we are approaching from the south. As the tide is still a way out we scrambled along the rocky shore until we arrived at Howick Haven.From this point the shore became a bit trickier to negotiate so we joined the coastal path running along the top and enjoyed the sight and sounds of the waves crashing beneath us.

After a while we came across this little gem…

A lovely sandy little bay, Seahouses Bay, almost completely surrounded by rock, an absolute gem especially on a day like today – almost totally sheltered from the wind – here we shall stop and play for a while.

We went back up on the footpath and from here it was a mile or so until we arrived on the outskirts of Craster.

Looking even nicer today in the sunshine – yep we could holiday here.

Back up through the village and along the lanes to the car to complete this 7.5 mile round walk.

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