A walk along the beach from Seahouses to Bamburgh Lighthouse…..

Well it rained most of the night and into the morning but though still very grey, by lunchtime the wet stuff had moved on and at least it has cleared the mist! We popped in the car to a lay-by on the outskirts of Seahouses (all the car parks in the village are Pay & Display) and made our way across St Aiden’s dunes down to Seahouses Beach.A very different picture to yesterday and stretching much further than I imagined.The tide was fully in and the beach much busier with walkers (mindyou I wouldn’t have seen any walkers yesterday!). It was clear enough to see Inner Farne (one of the 20 odd Farne Islands).

After about a mile we clambered over some rocks and found ourselves on the lovely Bamburgh Beach.

Glimpses of the castle through the dunes, and then there she is….

Quite magnificent – beyond the castle the beach became much quieter and Poppydog was able to have a proper run around as we continued on to the end of the beach.

At the end of the beach we clambered up for a closer look at the small and less impressive Lighthouse, the day was by no means clear enough to see Longstone Lighthouse.

And not exactly the White Horse or Lion but hey!….

Beyond the Lighthouse the shore becomes rocky for awhile until the next beach visible beyond the crashing waves.

At this point we followed the footpath inland with a last look along the beach.

Then we wandered around the outside of the castle….

And walked back along the roadside footpath – about 7.5 miles.

A misty walk to Seahouses….

Well not a great day for us, visibility was very poor all day and the rain came along mid afternoon for the duration. Still we got out promptly to make the best of the day before the rain came along and set off along the shore towards Seahouses.

We really couldn’t see much at all as we ambled along the beach but it was pleasant enough with the waves crashing along the shore and just the odd person appearing through the gloom every now and then. After a mile or so we had to cut inland slightly across a golf course as the beach ended just before Seahouses and we didn’t feel inclined to slither over the rocks (it would probably have been ok if the weather had been clearer and the tide a bit further out).

Seahouses is quite a busy large village with many pretty cottages along the sea front (sadly many of them holiday lets) and what looks to be quite a busy harbour.

We continued along the front and beyond the village came upon Seahouses main beach – which ordinarily is probably quite spectacular…

Time will tell as we shall definitely have to return on a brighter day, but for now this will do for a run around for Poppydog and a little sit down for me before we walk back.

Our peace was shattered by the arrival of a class load of orange little humans!

Part way back the rain came – ah well tomorrow is another day!

Walking along Beadnell Bay…

A rainy night but importantly a dry day, with quite a bit of sunshine. Today we decided to walk along and enjoy the beauty of Beadnell Bay. It is about a mile from the site and though not as busy as yesterday, there were too many people and dogs around for Poppydog for the first bit of the beach and then…

Oh yes once past the river that meanders across the beach we pretty much had the beach to ourselves.

And Poppydog was once again free as a bird….

A little dip in the sea….

A beautiful 7.5 mile walk and a happy hound!

Moving on to Beadnell Bay….

Only a short hop south for us today, so we were in no great hurry to leave (albeit mindful of the midday curfew) and still ended up killing time in a lay-by just south of Berwick to make sure that we didn’t get caught up in the departing traffic from our next site.

Once set up we set off to explore our surroundings. The site is just across the road from the sea, although the beach here is quite rocky and stony (photo to follow) and so we wandered along the coastal path, into the village of Beadnell to Beadnell Bay. Stopping first at the Limekiln backed little harbour.

A very small harbour, I suspect for fishing boats only, with the pleasure craft moored outside the harbour walls on the beach.

And wow what a stunning beach…..

Miles and miles (well 2 miles of it to be precise) of beautiful white sand backed by dunes – how fab? It was a little busy for Poppydog to have her freedom but we had a good walk along the waters edge and particularly enjoyed the late afternoon sunshine.

Our last day at Berwick…

Well this last two weeks seems to have flown past, but here we are on our last full day here and what a beauty. As is often the case we have visited all the beaches on this stretch of coastline and after two magnificent days on Holy Island we opted to head back to Cheswick Black Rocks Beach for our last day.

Even though the skies were clear blue there was a fair wind blowing along the beach and so we walked inland through the dunes from Cocklawburn to Cheswick and then braved the return journey via the beach…