From Embleton to Craster…

Another wet night though the rain had passed on by the morning and gave us a lovely sunny morning, though a rather grey afternoon, quite windy out too! To pick up where we left off yesterday we found parking in the village of Embleton and set off to walk the mile or so down to Embleton Bay.

We walked along to the end of the sandy part of the beach (south),

where we had to clamber up into the dunes (not very high) to continue our journey with a lovely view back down along the beach….

It would have been nice to see these beaches in the sunshine, perhaps we will get the chance to come back? Onward we went towards Dunstanburgh Castle, whose dramatic profile we have been following for some days.

We decided to go into the castle as it was free (NT) and sits on such a prominent headland.

As you can see it is mostly ruins, though they have built steps up the inside of the right hand tower – we only got up to the second (out of three) landings as Poppydog is really frightened of any kind of walkway that you can see through and this sprial staircase, though concrete had gaps between the steps which she did not like at all! Still we got a good look out of the window on the second landing.

Leaving the castle behind we carried on along the footpath to Craster.

A very pretty little fishing village, nestling around it’s harbour.

With a little bit of sandy beach within the harbour walls.

After a wander around the village, a pub, a lifeboat station, a smokehouse selling smoked kippers and rather a lot of holiday lets, we left the village to follow Cycle Route 1 back to Embleton.

Another nice holiday destination to add to my rather long list! 8.5 mile round trip.

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