From High Newton to Dunstan Steads…..

A bit of a mizzog day today, spitting most of the day though not enough to actually make you wet especially as there was a brisk sea breeze. Today we drove to High Newton, parking the car in the village (free) and wandering the mile or so down to Football Hole Beach to pick up where we left off yesterday.

It doesn’t look quite so appealing on this grey and damp day. After a little play for Poppydog we picked up the path along the dunes and around Newton Point. Along this stretch there is no beach just rocks being battered by the waves, until you arrive at Newton-by-the-sea a pretty village of mostly holiday lets (NT) by the looks along a pretty sandy crescent shaped cove.

Judging by all the buoys in the bay, during the summer it is probably full of small craft with only a few left out there at the moment. It also manages to support a Pub – a great place for a holiday.

The beach doesn’t stop even though it is almost high tide and around the corner is Embleton Bay.

A long sandy bay stretching around a wide bay, backed with dunes and the obligatory golf course beyond that!

At the far end of the bay stands the ruins of Dunstanburgh Castle, creating a dramatic silhouette against the grey sky.

We continued on to the end of the bay, which we more or less had to ourselves with the exception of one brave soul kite surfing and seeming to spend much of the time airborne!

At the end of the beach we made our return journey through the dunes as the beach had disappeared under the tide in parts. Just outside Low Newton up in the dunes are about 20 little cabins (1 bed, living / kitchen area and bathroom), some really exposed and some nestling in the dunes with no vehicular access for at least a mile- apparently wheelbarrows are an essential item to life in one of these – how fab!

The weather might have been against us but it was still a lovely 8 mile walk.

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