A walk along Tughall Dunes to Newton Point…..

Another wet night but a lovely sunny day for us to enjoy. Today we walked from site to join the Coastal Path which passes through the Tughall Dunes behind Beadnell Bay and beyond.

After a couple of miles of this untamed wilderness we cut back across to the shore at Newton Point (our turning back point) – it was quite stony and the tide high, but still enough room for Poppydog to have a bit of a run around.

Back up on the Dune tops for a while until we dipped down onto Football Hole Beach (yes it really is called that!).

What a beautiful little beach, the sand was lovely.

Brings a whole new meaning to the words ‘footsteps in the sand’!

After a bit of a play we continued along the dunes.

Soon we were looking down on Beadnell Bay or that is the thin strip of sand still exposed at high tides.

The tides are too high for us to walk back along the beach so we again headed inland a bit to cross the river that runs across Beadnell Bay.

We followed the coastal path along the dunes until we arrived each in the village. A beautiful day and a lovely 8.5 mile walk. Now a glass of wine in the last of the days sunshine is in order.

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