From Bamburgh to Budle Bay…..

Wet overnight again but quite sunny in the morning and overcast during the afternoon. Though it looked quite threatening whilst we were out, it didn’t really start raining until we were almost back at the car around 4ish, so we pretty much got away with it! We parked up just beyond the castle on the edge of Bamburgh (free parking along the coastal road and also around the village, it is just the main castle carpark that is a P&D) and wandered into the village for a little poke about. It is quite pretty, though more hostelries and eateries and just a few little shops.

We then walked down to the Lighthouse and picked up the coastal path from there. Even though it was coming up to high tide, there was still a bit of exposed sand for us to enjoy.

Not enough though to get much further along the shore, so we back tracked and took the coastal path along the tops of the cliffs. Looking down with envy at the little coves of Budle Bay.

Shortly we arrived at Budle Point and across the bay we could just make of Ross Back Sands and the distant twin obelisks.

Here we ventured back down over the dunes to the little slither of beach and out onto a sand bank for Poppydog to have a bit of a run around.

At this point we again ran out of beach and decided to start to make our way back, with a view to coming again when the tides are more in our favour.

As the tide has turned we made our way slowly back along the beach and mostly managed to return via the little beaches with the odd scramble over rocks and dunes here and there!

A lovely 7.5 mile walk.

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