Ross Back Sands to Guile Point….

Another wet night but not a bad day and with a stunning beach and a colony of seals – all is very well in our world. We drove down a narrow no through road in pursuit of the sea and ended up in the little hamlet of Ross where we left the car (there was space for maybe half a dozen cars) and set off for the mile or so walk to the beach. A couple of moments of sheer terror as the path took us through a field of cows and their calves and then over a series of dunes and…

How absolutely stunning is this (Lindisfarne Castle visible on the right)?

The beach was deserted and Poppydog enjoyed her freedom as we wandered along the beach towards Holy Island. The tide was fully in but what an amazing beach. As we reached the far end (Guile Point), I spotted a number of blobs floating in the sea….

I realised that they were seals and quickly put Poppydog back on the lead as we headed around the point – just as well look….

Maybe a 100 grey seals of all ages shuffling or basking on the sand….

Amazing – we crept along, keeping as tight to the dunes as we could so as to not disturb them and then sat up in the dunes for awhile completely mesmerized….

After a time we continued on our way arround the back of Old Law Dunes, past the twin navigation obelisks…

Along the edge of the Lindisfarne Nature Reserve…

Until we could rejoin Ross Back Beach by cutting through the gap between the Old Law Dunes which are fenced off as a Nature Reserve and the Ross Dunes.

As the tide begins to recede this beach just gets better, with Lindisfarne Castle to the North and Bamburgh to the South…

With this glorious 3 mile stretch of sand to ourselves (oh and 100 or so seals!) And a fair bit of sunshine we really are ‘living the dream’….

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