A misty walk to Seahouses….

Well not a great day for us, visibility was very poor all day and the rain came along mid afternoon for the duration. Still we got out promptly to make the best of the day before the rain came along and set off along the shore towards Seahouses.

We really couldn’t see much at all as we ambled along the beach but it was pleasant enough with the waves crashing along the shore and just the odd person appearing through the gloom every now and then. After a mile or so we had to cut inland slightly across a golf course as the beach ended just before Seahouses and we didn’t feel inclined to slither over the rocks (it would probably have been ok if the weather had been clearer and the tide a bit further out).

Seahouses is quite a busy large village with many pretty cottages along the sea front (sadly many of them holiday lets) and what looks to be quite a busy harbour.

We continued along the front and beyond the village came upon Seahouses main beach – which ordinarily is probably quite spectacular…

Time will tell as we shall definitely have to return on a brighter day, but for now this will do for a run around for Poppydog and a little sit down for me before we walk back.

Our peace was shattered by the arrival of a class load of orange little humans!

Part way back the rain came – ah well tomorrow is another day!

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