Moving on to Beadnell Bay….

Only a short hop south for us today, so we were in no great hurry to leave (albeit mindful of the midday curfew) and still ended up killing time in a lay-by just south of Berwick to make sure that we didn’t get caught up in the departing traffic from our next site.

Once set up we set off to explore our surroundings. The site is just across the road from the sea, although the beach here is quite rocky and stony (photo to follow) and so we wandered along the coastal path, into the village of Beadnell to Beadnell Bay. Stopping first at the Limekiln backed little harbour.

A very small harbour, I suspect for fishing boats only, with the pleasure craft moored outside the harbour walls on the beach.

And wow what a stunning beach…..

Miles and miles (well 2 miles of it to be precise) of beautiful white sand backed by dunes – how fab? It was a little busy for Poppydog to have her freedom but we had a good walk along the waters edge and particularly enjoyed the late afternoon sunshine.

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