Back to Cheswick Sands….

Not such a nice day today, mostly cloudy with a fair breeze but importantly dry. Again we hopped in the car down to Cocklawburn and walked along the coastal path this time just to Cheswick Sands and cut straight over the dunes down to the beach.

This time we are walking to our left back towards Cocklawburn and very soon have the beach to ourselves.

At the far end, the beach becomes scattered with rocky outcrops and rock pools as we come to Cheswick Black Rocks.

Then after clambering over a rocky patch we find our own little playground on Far Skerr.

Here we settle for awhile as we are reasonably sheltered from the wind by the dunes and Poppydog can chase the balls, seabirds, stones and anything else that moves to her hearts content.

When it is time to move on, we return the way we came, having enjoyed a slightly shorter walk of 7.5 miles today.

Two thoughts of the day:

I have discovered a M&S Simply Food store just around the corner from site – we shall eat well this week!

Having purchased a Fitbit on Wednesday, I am getting quite competitive with myself which I guess is a good thing!

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