We say ‘goodbye’ (for now) to Scotland and ‘hello’ Berwick upon Tweed…..

A lovely sunny day but with a bit of a chilly wind blowing. We packed up and were on our way just before 12 (we can’t get in the new site until 1, so an early getaway would be pointless) and made the 40 mile journey without a hitch. Passing a flag marked lay-by on either side of the road (which we will revisit to take photographic evidence) where after 5 months we crossed the border from Scotland back into England. After a bit of a scramble at the site entrance, as about 8 of us all arrived at once, we were soon pitched with a rather nice sea view.View from the window….After a cup of tea, we wandered down to the sea front and took a walk along Spittal Promenade and the long sandy beach.There were a few people about, but not many brave enough to sit on the beach, as the wind is blowing straight along the beach and quite chilly! Still we found a slightly sheltered and quiet spot at the far end for Poppydog to have a well deserved play.After a while the wind got the better of us and we set off back along the beach to site.

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