Walking along Peffer Sands….

A dry and windy night followed by a dry and windy day! However, a little sun around in the afternoon so really very pleasant out of the breeze. As a final link along this shoreline, we parked up in a lay-by on the main road and walked the couple of miles down the farm access road to the shore on the west side of Peffer Burn (we did the east side whilst staying in Dunbar).

What a glorious sight – just miles of sand to the east of the burn…

And to the west, which we are exploring today…

Poppydog heaven, making footsteps in the pristine sand.

To the west of Peffer Sands the beach becomes rocky with a relatively narrow strip of soft sand running along until Scoughall Rocks, where it is totally rocky until you get to the end of Seacliff, where we were yesterday.

From here we could gave cut back inland towards the car, but it is so lovely here we chose to walk back along the beach instead.

A final play on Peffer Sands…

Before battling against the rising wind all the way back to the car! 6.5 miles.

Two thoughts of the day:

Well I have to say that so far on our Scottish adventure the beaches here have been absolutely stunning, good for walking to and along and importantly for us mostly deserted – perfect.

This is not an area I had ever really heard of before but it is certainly an area I would recommend and like to revisit.

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