Seacliff Bay – the best til last?…..

After a showery and breezy night, there followed a showery and breezy day! It appears Autumn is here! Today we parked up in a lay-by just beyond Tantallon Castle (parking down at the beach is £3) and walked the mile or so down the lane to the beach with a pretty good view of the castle and Bass Rock.And wow! Our first glimpse did not disappoint.

Can you believe the whole beach was absolutely empty? Hardly a footstep in sight – this really is a beautiful beach.

A little old lighthouse on some rocks offshore just adds to the seascape and Poppydog is as free as a bird.

Look at Bass Rock – it’s a bit like Ailsa Craig was to us on the west coast – an important part of the seascape.

Tantallon Castle presenting a dramatically rugged skyline.

From the west end of the beach we clambered over the rocks for a bit to get a closer look at Tantallon Castle.

At the east end of the beach a thin strip of soft sand continued on around the corner, as did we.

As we reached the end of the sand and the rocks made it impossible to go on any further we turned about and…..

Oh yes a right proper Scottish shower was coming our way – was there anywhere to hide? No!

Aah well there are worse places to get a soaking and at least with the wind that has whipped up the shower soon passed us by and the wind dryed us out fairly quickly! The beauty of nature.

On the way back up to the car we found St Baldred’s Cave – mmm that would have been handy half an hour ago!

An absolutely stunning beach and a lovely 4 mile walk.

Two thoughts of the day:

This is one of the last beaches we shall see in Scotland this time around – have we saved the best til last?

At least on the coast you can invariably see the weather coming, can’t necessarily do anything about it but se la vie!

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