Along the John Muir Trail to North Berwick….

Another cloudy and windy day, but it is dry and certainly not cold, so we will cope. As the wind is howling and the tide is fully in so we decided to follow the John Muir Trail into North Berwick. The trail meanders inland a little around the golf courses and across farmland all very pleasant and eventually leading us out onto a rather exclusive street on the outskirts of North Berwick.

With some beautiful stone houses – most of them are absolutely huge! Who needs a house that big?

From here we ended up in the old town centre with pretty painted terraces and a nice mix of little shops, galleries and eateries.

We took a brief look at the long West Beach, still a nice stretch of soft sand, though no sign of the large paddling pool that we know is hidden under the tide.

After a bit of a wander around we returned to the East Beach for Poppydog to have a little play.

Before heading back the way we had come. A lovely 8.5 mile walk.

Two thoughts of the day:

Playing catch up on these blogs as I have been a bit distracted by the new phone!

I wonder what sort of families live in these huge houses, surely you could go a week without seeing anyone?

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