A lovely afternoon on Eyebroughy Beach…

A lovely day for us, not full on sunshine, quite hazy and some light cloud but lovely and warm. So we decided on a trip to the beach, armed with tennis balls, thrower, cold drink for me and water for Poppydog, we set off. Planning to find an empty space we took a quick look down on Broad Sands and as suspected this beach was very busy.

Next stop was Longskelly Beach and though empty! How mad!

We decided to continue a bit further to Eyebroughy Beach to enjoy the large expanse of wet sand, ideal for ball throwing!

There were a few others on the beach, mostly just passing through so it was quite Poppydog friendly and we spent a lovely few hours enjoying the sun and paddling in the shallows.

Poppydog did not stop and is suitably shattered tonight.

We might just do the same tomorrow!

Two thoughts of the day:

The WiFi here is almost non existent and even 4G is struggling to upload photos so bear with me.

Another great day forecast for tomorrow – ideal.

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