Gullane to Aberlady…

A bit of a grey day today, warm out of the wind but dry until early evening which is fine by us. Today we popped down the road to Gullane (very much a golfers paradise) and found parking easily down a residential street. We set off from where we left off yesterday and wandered down through the strip of grassland and the dunes onto this wonderful expanse of sand.

As we have covered the east side of the beach, today we set off to the west.

The beach was pretty empty so Poppydog could run free, though with a distinct lack of stones she had to make do with a ball!

At the end of the beach, at Gullane Point there is another beach with lots of shells and rock pools as the rocky outcrops are exposed by the low tides.

Perfect for Poppydog to take a moment to cool off from all her running around.

The point itself is rocky so a footpath takes you across the dunes and then….

Aberlady Bay a huge stretch of low tide sand – possibly a few people in the distance not sure but a massive Poppydog play ground.Yes that is her – the little speck in the distance!

For a while we found a little inlet to shelter from the wind.Before making our way back, ahead of the forecast rain. Another 5.5 miles of splendid beach.Two thoughts of the day:

Maybe the reason why these beaches are so empty is simply because there are so many of them – which would you choose if you lived close by?

How irritating is I-player tempting you with being able to watch the rest of the series ahead of its TV showing – mindyou if your WiFi was as bad as mine usually is – not much of a temptation!

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