A sunny window on Barn Ness Beach…..

After a fairly wild night, the day dawned grey and breezy with a lovely sunny afternoon. No real plans today as we have covered all the beaches on this leg of our journey, so instead we took the best of the sunshine down for a lovely walk across the grassland to Barn Ness Beach. On the way we took a look at the beautiful Whitesands Bay.

Surprisingly only a few people were about.

Every one was dressed for an Autumn walk and flying kites! But actually with the sun out it was lovely and warm! Still on we went and after a run through the grassland that backs Barn Ness Beach…

We found Barn Ness Beach empty yet again!

So we happily enjoyed our freedom and the sunshine. Oh yes and this stunning rainbow way out to sea.

6 miles for me and 76 for Poppydog – good day.

Two thoughts of the day:

Where would you find an empty beach in Cornwall in August when the sun is shining?

Bavarian Ham – sort of bacon flavoured ham – quite delicious!

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