Back to St Abbs Head….

A grey start with quite a strong cooling wind but as the day progressed the sun appeared and the wind eased. Today we ended up walking around St Abbs Head again, though our original plan was to walk along the cliff tops from Pease Bay towards St Abbs but in fact the coastal path mostly runs along the lanes quite a bit inland and we couldn’t find anywhere to leave the car – so here we are!

Today, though the tide was in, we ventured down onto Pettico Wick for Poppydog to have a bit of a play, whilst I watched the gannets diving for their lunch.

We then continued our walk up St Abbs Head.

The sea is a wonderful inky blue today and so clear – beautiful.

Wow – why would you need to go anywhere else in the world?

Imagine this tiny lighthouse shining the way for distant passing ships.

Even Poppydog deigned to sit and admire the view briefly…

Look at these delicate flowers taking a battering in the wind so gracefully…

Well as you know we don’t often do the same walk twice, though we did take different pathways this time, it is surely not a walk that you could tire of.

Starney Bay with St Abbs in the background marks the end of this 5 mile walk.

Two thoughts of the day:

At the risk of sounding boring – how beautiful is our coastline?

Isn’t it amazing how different the sea looks from day to day – I will never tire of looking at it – beach walking and sea gazing my favourite pastimes and I guess you could say – current occupation!!

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