A grey day in Eyemouth…

A few overnight showers but another mostly dry day, albeit a sharp breeze blowing and mostly grey. Today we are off to have a look around Eyemouth, our most southerly visit from this site and in fact only a few miles from the English border. A small, pretty fishing town built around an active fishing harbour.

At first we walked around the south side of the harbour, up Gunsgreen Hill looking down on the town.

Passing Nisbet’s Tower, formerly a dovecote and now a sweet little holiday cottage.

Taking a moment to look at one of the poignant memorials to the 129 fisherman from Eyemouth who lost their lives on 14th October 1881.

Though the tide is pretty much fully in we found a small stony cove for Poppydog to have a little run around on.

With great views to St Abbs Head in the distance.

After a while we wandered back down to the town past the odd house emblazoned with the name of a fishing boat (presumably the skipper’s home?)…

Also nearly every streetlight was adorned with a banner depicting the various ‘Herring Queens’ elected by the town since the 50’s – what fun!

Back alongside the harbour we came across the seal feeding van, where you could buy pieces of fish (£2 for 4 pieces and £4 for 9 pieces!) to feed the resident (seemingly so) seals…

How random is that?

Along the sea front we found the powerful Jill Watson sculpture for the lost fishermen named ‘Widows and Bairns’ (as we saw in Cove and St Abbs) and based on the actual family groups left behind on that fateful day.

The beach was only a promise as the waves were crashing against the sea wall most of the way along.

Though as we climbed the headland north of Eyemouth we get an idea of what it would be like.

Above the town the remains of a Fort and canons a reminder of times past.

Beyond views along the rugged coastline towards St Abbs.

Quite a quirky town and we have enjoyed our 5 mile walk.

Two thoughts of the day:

Feeding seals – a visitor attraction or a method of protecting the fishermen’s catch?

We do like a sort of trail around a town / village – something to catch the eye and hold the attention – the beauty queen banners and fishermen’s houses did that for us – simple minds and simple pleasures!

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