A very different day at Belhaven Bay…

Seeing is believing but seriously we have gone from a blowy very wet Autumn day yesterday to a beautiful, mostly sunny and warm day today. Not to waste a bit if it we headed of for John Muir Country Park just north of Dunbar. Not wishing to pay the parking charges for the park we found free parking in West Barns (a little village just outside Dunbar) and walked the short distance to the park. There is a large section of woodland with various children’s activities that we skirted around until we came to the large area if salt marshes and low dunes.

Here it was quiet and appeared safe enough to allow Poppydog some freedom as we walked towards the far end of the park at the River Tyne estuary.

With a good stretch of Hedderwick Sands still exposed, even though it is nearing high tide.

Poppydog had to go back on a lead briefly as we cut across the end of the Spike (the sometimes cut off strip of dunes running in between the beach and the salt marshes) as it was fenced off to protect the nesting Terns.

Over the other side this awaits us….

A stunning long strip of soft sand, with more sand being exposed as the tide starts to recede.

Better still this end of the beach is empty, So we find a few stones and Poppydog enjoys a good run around along the beach and through the dunes whilst I enjoy the sun and the view.

After a while we continue along the beach towards Dunbar and for the first time in Scotland – surfers!

Mind you, to be fair it is probably one of the few times that we have actually seen surf! By the time we reach the end of the beach the tide has receded sufficiently to allow us to cross the river using the bridge.

We followed the trail back to where we left the car, with a last look up at Belhaven Bay.

A very nice 5.5 mile circular walk.

Two thoughts of the day:

Global warming? Mmm not sure but something is certainly going on!

In the nicest possible way, I hope the family opposite move on soon, their obsession with football is driving poor Poppydog mad! Oh yes and me too!

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