A sunny walk from Dunbar…

After a pretty horrid day yesterday we awoke to a lovely sunny day – sunny and warm. To make the most of the day we ventured into Dunbar, parking near the harbour with the ruins of the castle at it’s head.

We also wandered into the ruins of Dunbar Battery which lies above the harbour.

Taking a look at the ‘Sea Cubes’ sculpture and the stunning sea views beyond the walls.

From here we followed the John Muir Trail along the dramatic sandstone cliffs northwards.

We dropped down onto the beaches which were mostly stony for a bit of a play on our way and popped through this archway leading onto a large recreation area to enjoy the view.

I was completely captivated by this stunning landscape – the dramatic red of the sandstone against the calm blue seas and skies.

As the path followed the edge of Winterfield Golf Club we were able to find a deserted stretch of sand and stone beach for Poppydog to have a proper play and for me to enjoy the sunshine, solitude and soak up the amazing views.

There were some amazing rock pools for Poppydog to skitter through as we made our way along the beach and around the corner to the sandy inlet of Belhaven Bay.

Here Poppydog had to go back on the lead as there were quite a few people about but got to enjoy a refreshing dip and drink in the stream that divides the bay.

There is a random bridge across the stream which I imagine looks quite odd when the tide is in.

We didn’t venture over as we are saving this for another day and instead headed back to town, capturing these beauties on the way…

At the other side of town (heading south towards the site) we visited East Beach with its strip of soft sand at the top and many rock pools before heading back to site.

A stunning day and beautiful 6 mile round trip.

Two thoughts of the day:

Doesn’t the sandstone make for a dramatic shoreline?

How can we have such a stunning day today and then have rain forecast all day for tomorrow?

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