From St Abbs to Linkim Shore….

Some pretty heavy rain overnight with thunder and lightening rumbling around, but fortunately it seemed to have blown through by the morning leaving us with a fairly sunny day. We decided to head to St Abbs and start our walk from there. St Abbs is a lovely little fishing village with all the houses tiered around the harbour.

It was much quieter than yesterday, though still quite lively and yes I think I would add it to the select list of places I would like to live or atleast holiday.

From the harbour wall we got a good look back at St Abbs Head, where we had our walk yesterday.

Overlooking the harbour is the poignant memorial to the three fishermen lost in the 14th October 1881 Storm.

After a mooch around we followed to coastal path up through the village, past a row of pretty painted cottages with spectacular cliff top views.

The path continued along the cliff top and soon we were looking down on the lovely sandy Coldingham Bay…

The path took us down onto the beach – a bit busy for us but a lovely beach with a row of colourful beach huts at the back.

In search of a bit of solitude we carried on along the coastal path back up to cliff top level and then back down to the next beach, this time a stony beach with a stream running through.

After a dunk and a drink in the stream (Poppydog that is!) we walked across Milldown Beach and decided as there were a few others enjoying this beach we would carry on a bit further in pursuit of our own space.

And here it is – Linkim Bay…

A lovely long stretch of part sand and part stone beach – all to ourselves!

So whilst a Poppydog chases stones and cools down in the rock pools…

I enjoy a peaceful sit in the sun – Perfect!

In time we complete our walk by following a series of footpaths mostly through farmland back to the car – another lovely 5 mile walk.

Two thoughts of the day:

Another fine day in paradise – how lucky am I?

Extreme conditions (which we have managed quite successfully to dodge!) aside it has been a pretty good summer so far!

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