A lovely afternoon at Skateraw….

A still and warm night followed by a lovely day becoming sunnier by the hour. It’s a Saturday in August so most beaches will be busy, but we took a bit of a gamble that Skateraw, being a tiny place a bit off the beaten track, might be relatively quiet. It was a bit disappointing to find about 8 cars in the car park and indeed there were two groups of people on the beach but what I hadn’t factored in was with the tide being out there is a large area of bedrock just south of the main beach which was empty!

In fact it was the perfect playground as I came armed with ball thrower and 3 balls which bounced all over the place, keeping Poppydog very entertained!

The water was also lovely, clear and warm (something to do with the proximity of the power station maybe?) so I was happy to wander about in and out of the shallows whilst throwing the balls for Poppy.

What else would you be doing on a lovely sunny, Saturday afternoon?

Two thoughts of the day:

A strange beach, flat bedrock but certainly fit for purpose!

How nice to see some proper sun – it has been a little while!

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