From Cove to Pease Bay….

A little light rain overnight and into the morning but improving as the day progressed to overcast but very warm. We head out earlier today to catch the tide before it comes too far in and drive the short distance south, to Cove, a tiny cliff top village with a car park. At the top is a rather eye catching memorial…

In memory of the 11 Cove fishermen lost on 14th October 1881. A total of 189 fishermen were lost during a storm that day of which 129 were from the Eyemouth fleet (Eyemouth is a few miles further south) – many were lost trying to return to harbour and thus in full view of their friends and families – how terribly tragic.

We wandered down towards the harbour, looking down on a large rocky bay just below the village….

From just above the harbour wall there was a lovely view down onto the harbour beach…

From the end of the harbour wall a look at the two old cottages (seemingly empty) and the small current fishing fleet.

The beach itself is accessed through a tunnel in the cliff face.

We had this wonderful little cove to ourselves – how magical!And very calm today…

After awhile we walked back up to the village and followed the coastal path along the cliff tops giving us a spectacular view back down onto the harbour.

Also this magnificent stone archway which is just beyond the harbour wall, for the moment sitting above the sea..

A mile or so further along the cliffs we get out first glimpse down at Red Rock cove…

Only accessible from Pease Sands at low tide….

A lovely long sandy bay, backed by a holiday park so a few people about as we wandered down for a closer look.

We wandered back via the lanes and have really enjoyed this 5.5 mile round trip (hard to believe it is August as we have hardly seen another soul!).

Two thoughts of the day:

It might be grey but it is certainly warm so why is no one about?

Cove goes onto my list of favourite and hidden gems.

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