A murky walk to Dunbar….

Another of those days, flat calm, warm but with a heavy mist over everything. I spent a couple of hours sorting through my blogs to free up space on this current one for further adventures and tried to find a way of creating a back up version on my computer to no avail! How frustrating – still by this time Poppydog was starting to go out of her mind so we set off for a walk. We joined the John Muir Trail down by the beach but this time headed westwards towards Dunbar. Alongside the footpath the shoreline is a mix of soft sands and rocky outcrops.

With Dunbar Golf Course on our left.

The number of butterflies fluttering about is quite amazing but not easy to capture as they fly away as soon as you get close.

At last through the mist we can make out Dunbar in the distance.

Around the corner and here we are…

Only a smallish strip of soft sand, which I imagine on a sunny day would become pretty crowded and nigh on impossible to get to the sea for a swim! Afterwards we wandered briefly into town which is pleasant enough with a lot of red sandstone buildings, a fair amount of new builds on the outskirts and a rather imposing large Parish Church.

We walked back along the lanes to site making this a nice 7.5 mile round trip.

Two thoughts of the day:

It is rather frustrating trying to find ways to preserve my blog (and so far not overly successful!) and having to remove older posts to make room for the future is a rather lengthy process which has to be done every few months – a cross to bear!

Suddenly the skies lifted this evening and there is Bass Rock – which we could see from Edinburgh but haven’t been able to see since we got here.

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