Moving on to Dunbar….

With heavy rain through Friday night and Saturday morning we didn’t chance going far and just went for a walk along the promenade and managed a couple of hours in the dry!

We also almost managed to get ready for moving on in the dry, it just started to pour as we were doing the outdoor jobs – nice! Still after extricating ourselves from Edinburgh (not a difficult city to get around to be fair as most streets are wide and no one appears to be in too much of a hurry!) we joined the A1 southbound to Dunbar and were soon set up on our new home for the next few weeks.

It is very warm here with a strange sort of dry mist (murk as I have just heard it described on the weather report) in the air and though we have a distant sea view it wasn’t very apparent!

We took a walk down to have a closer look at the sea (just under a mile away) and wow – Whitesands Beach is just that…

A lovely white sandy crescent shaped beach, a few stones and a bit of weed but otherwise lovely soft white sand and hardly anyone about.

After a bit of a play and a welcome runabout for Poppydog we followed the John Muir Trail (he gets about) to Barns Ness Lighthouse.

A nice 5 mile round trip to start off our stay.

Two thoughts of the day:

Looking at the news tonight we made a good decision weatherwise moving from the west coast to the east.

Quite a moment heading southbound on the A1 as we have been slowly travelling northwards since October 17!

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