A walk around Holyrood Park…

A very warm night followed by a very warm but mostly overcast day. It seemed like a good plan to drive to Holyrood Park and take a walk – so off we went. After a bit of a long winded journey around the City we parked up near the John Muir Trail (which seems to meander about a bit!) and followed the path for a mile or so to the Park and here was Arthur’s Seat looming above us.

Arthur’s Seat is an extinct volcano in the middle of Holyrood Park, we did intend to climb up it, however it was incredibly warm with hardly any breeze and on closer inspection I decided it would be too steep for Poppydog (haha!) in this heat.

Instead we walked along the Salisbury Craggs (the top path was closed due to a rock fall) with views across the city of Edinburgh.

Along the valley within the park with views out to sea.

Over to Calton Hill with it’s skyline monuments.

And down over the magnificent Holyrood Palace and Abbey ruins.

Further around the park we arrived at Dunsaple Loch, unfortunately though the water was believed to contain high levels of blue algae and so Poppydog couldn’t enjoy a refreshing dip!

It is hard to believe that this green oasis sits in the heart of the city. A very pleasant 5 mile walk.

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