South Queensferry what a little gem….

After a night of sporadic rain and some pretty strong gusts of wind, the rain appeared to have moved on but leaving a brisk but warm wind behind. Wanting to get a closer look at the Forth Bridge, we ventured down to South Queensferry parking the car on the outskirts and heading first for a walk along the coastal path towards Peatdraught Bay, where we left off yesterday. Our first stop was Whitehouse Bay which was initially a stony beach but then towards the far end of the bay (eastwards) we came across a lovely sandy stretch of beach.

Perfect for a bit of Poppydog play time! Yes I can hear you!!!

After a bit we carried along the shore still with a lovely sandy strip at the top.

The beach then opened up to reveal the lovely Peatdraught Bay – which unlike yesterday we had all to ourselves…

As we wandered back along the beach and through the woodland passing the stony Port Neuk beach

The enormity of the Forth Bridge became clear – an engineering feat completed in 1890 – hey but I hear they are still painting it??

The beach in South Queensferry was a bit unappealing but can be forgiven because of the beauties just around the corner.

We wandered into this delightful cobbled village with its pretty painted cottages

A Clock tower and plenty of little shops and eateries line the pretty Main Street.

With little glimpses out to the Firth of the Forth and it’s amazing bridges – the first Forth Bridge (Rail).

The less impressive Forth Road Bridge (opened in 1964) and beyond that the Queensferry Crossing Bridge that carries the M90 over and opened in 2017.

A delightful afternoon, which incidentally became quite sunny, a delightful 5 mile walk and a rather attractive mosaic ‘Queensferry Nessie’ on our way back to the car.

Two thoughts of the day:

Looking at these three bridges gives more evidence that really since the Victorian days we are not building things of beauty and certainly not things that will age gracefully – in my humble opinion of course!

Mind you ‘Nessie’ is quite cute.

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