Walking along the promenade to Cramond….

With rain showers throughout the night and morning it was jolly nice to see a bit of sunshine for our afternoon stroll. Along the promenade we walked, this time away from Edinburgh to the far reaching sands of Cramond Beach.

With a nice stretch of soft sand, scattered with a few stones and shells leading out to a wide expanse of low tide sand the beach was unsurprisingly quite busy with Saturday afternoon strollers and dog walkers.

The tide is on its way in and had just started to cover the concrete pedestrian causeway out to Cramond Island, so we shall walk out to the Island another day. The Island was a prominent look out during WWII with the concrete defences to stop any enemy boats from sneaking in between the lookout on the Island and the shore, still very evident.

At this point the River Almond cuts across the beach, separating Cramond Beach from the wilder Drum Sands as the Firth of the Forth wends it’s way inland.

As it wasn’t possible to reach Drum Sands we decided to follow the River Almond Walk up stream.

Past the pretty former little hamlet of Cramond.

How beautiful are these wildflowers?

Up past the weir…

Just beyond this point, we did an about turn as the footpath was meandering through woodland and in fact we would both rather be back down on the beach! A very pleasant 5 mile walk and rain free afternoon!

Two thoughts of the day:

Scottish rain is rather wet! Even the seemingly harmless light rain results in a serious soaking!

We are on the flight path for Edinburgh Airport but fortunately they seem to keep rather civilised hours.

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