A walk along the shore to see the Royal Britannia….

A wet night but the morning looked promising (looked, I said!) and was dry, so we set off along the coastal path towards Edinburgh. The tide is still relatively low as we passed Muirhouse Beach.

We didn’t stop for a play as we have a fair walk planned for today. The first mile or so was very pleasant walking along the shoreline backed by grassland but as we approached Granton we were soon trudging our way though semi derelict industrial ground which looks as though it may be in the process of renovation in places though too early to tell! Just beyond Granton Harbour we rejoined the shoreline and the rather unappetising Granton Bay.

We didn’t linger here either! All along the front here are relatively new build tall blocks of flats which either aren’t weathering very well or were not particularly attractive to start with – it does not have a very up and coming feel to it and were we not on a bit if a mission we would have turned back some while ago! We walked around Newhaven Harbour.

Then passed through another area of semi wasteland though I will say there are some pretty talented graffiti artists around – don’t you think?

As we arrived at the Port of Leith the now heavy grey skies started to shed their load and to make our day it was impossible to get a proper look at Royal Britannia as the viewing area was in the middle of a shopping centre which didn’t allow dogs!

We made do with a look through the fence and started to make our soggy way home, catching a passing bus for the last few miles. Not our favourite 7 mile walk but hey you can’t win them all!

Two thoughts of the day:

I do hope those graffiti artists are doing something with their talent.

Why make visitor attractions so inaccessible? I might have been so impressed by what I saw that I would have paid to take a look around!

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