Moving over to the East Coast and Edinburgh….

Well it seems the rain has backed off for a bit, with just a couple of light showers as we were packing up we were away in the dry by 11am. The journey of 85 miles, one of our longest so far, was also one of the busiest, driving through Glasgow (albeit via the M8) and into the outskirts of Edinburgh, but we did it without a hitch, even following the CAMC directions written on a post-it, rather than trusting the Sat Nav! The sun was shining on our arrival and we were soon settled on our pitch.

The beauty of this site, aside from it being on the edge of Edinburgh is that the shore is a short 10 minute walk away – so off we went. Now the tide was in so there was only a little strip of beach exposed, part sand and stone.

Enough beach for us to have a little play and for Poppydog to expend a bit of energy! We are looking forward to seeing the beach when the tide is out, as it promises to be a large area of sand.

There is a wide walkway / cycle path backed by open grassland (some sections mown and others left to run wild) which we shall explore during our stay here.

With views across the Forth to the coast of Fife, we are keen and excited to continue our journey.

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