A very different day out in Gourock….

Well it started to rain during yesterday evening and hasn’t really stopped! We’ve been soaked twice and got damp quite a few other times (nipping to the loo, fetching water etc.) – what a difference a day makes! Still as this is our last day here in Largs we have an agenda to complete, so waterproofs packed we set off for Gourock, our most north westerly point for this section of our journey – we shall be back at some point to complete Scotland from Glasgow and Edinburgh upwards. We parked easily (not surprisingly) on the front at the beginning of Gourock and as the tide was fully in followed the coastal path along the promenade towards town.

There wasn’t any beach to access, as West Bay, a mostly stony and rocky beach was completely covered by the tide, though Poppydog peered hopefully through the railings from time to time! Across the bay, on a clear day, the Argyle Peninsulas would have been in clear view and I guess the bay dotted with multicoloured sails was f all the moored yachts.

Towards the town some local children were enjoying the outdoor pool inspite of the driving rain.

Beyond the Ferry terminal and railway station lies Cardwell Bay, our furthest beach, looking equally stony beneath the tide.

Wandering back along the promenade, facing into the still falling rain was not the most pleasant experience, however this colourful display did lighten the spirit briefly!

Back in the car, we stopped briefly to take a look at Cloch Lighthouse…

And then for Poppydog to have a proper run around we called in to look at Lunderston Bay, the last beach on our list.

Clearly the best of the sand remains south of Largs! Still today we are wet and not terribly fussy – any empty beach will do!

Two thoughts of the day:

Why is it that when it rains it feels like it has been raining for ever and when the sun shines it always feels a very temporary affair?

So far since October 17, we have been travelling up the West Coast – I wonder what the East Coast has in store?

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