A rather lovely sunny day in Largs…..

Wow so it really can get warm in Scotland as another bright sunny day laid ahead of us. We dropped the couple of miles down the lane into Largs and easily found off street parking at the bottom of the lane. We walked to the northern most part of the long promenade where Noddsdale water cuts this section of rather stony shoreline off from where we were yesterday. The tide was fully in…And wonderfully calm again.So we wandered along the fairly busy promenade for a couple of miles to the Yacht Club with fabulous views across the water of Largs.We passed by the Yacht Club beach which was quite stony.Before venturing down onto a little partly sandy cove just by the Pencil Monument.

Built to commemorate the battle of Largs in 1263, where the Scottish defeated the Norwegian Vikings. Pencil Beach, though quite stony with patches of lovely pink sand was an empty and welcome paddling spot for us both!

Next up was Castle Bay, again a mixture of sand and stones and being used by a junior sailing club.

And then back to Largs Bay, disappointingly nearly all stones with most people opting to picnic and play on the grass on the other side of the promenade but of course right up Poppydog’s street!

The town was busy but has a really nice atmosphere with the ice cream parlours and fish and chips a plenty.

Two thoughts of the day:

I’ve been told that you can get the best ice cream in Scotland here but I’m just not sure from which parlour!

Some promenades are just joyless concrete walkways – this one however a very happy place!

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