Back on the road again….

Well after a very enjoyable 10 days away, spending time with my Dad, (doing a fair bit of hard labour in his garden, I might add) and visiting friends, we’re back in Largs to pick up where we left off. The drive was a long one both there and back but we were very lucky with no traffic issues either way and the drive from the Lakes up to Glasgow is wonderfully scenic and the motorway quiet enough that you can actually enjoy it! As the sun had come out during the last 30 miles of our journey we took ourselves down to Meigle Bay (just north of Largs which was very busy) for a quiet dip and play in the clear shallows.

With not another soul in sight, the water completely calm and glassy and fabulous views of the Cumbrae Islands and Bute beyond it was idyllic.

Poppydog who had travelled without any fuss from 7.30am to 3pm (just one stop) was delighted to be running free and splashing about in the shallows. Video on Instagram under where incidentally I also post photos of my beach of the day.

Back on site we found the caravan tucked away in a field on its own (having been moved out of the main field by the site owners to make room for others in our absence as was agreed) and though we were unable to get it perfectly level (side to side) decided it was close enough for the next few nights! In full sun during the evening and in the shade of a tree in the morning – ideal.

Two thoughts of the day:

It was nice to take time out of our journey to visit friends and family but it is also nice to be back by the sea!

With the use of decent WiFi we have confirmed the rest of this year’s journey, heading across to Edinburgh on Thursday and then gradually making our way down the east coast of Scotland and Northumberland to Whitley Bay and then following the A1 down south visiting friends on the way as next year we shall explore the South Coast. Fear not though we shall be back to explore the rest of Scotland in the future.

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