Moving on to Largs….

Well I’m guessing that was summer! We got off very light compared to other parts of the country but it was showery with a chilly wind during the night and all of today. A very well timed shower caught me again just as I was hitching up so we departed damp, pretty much as we arrived! A shortish 35 mile drive took us to our new home a couple of miles up Brisbane Glen, just outside Largs.

After setting up we took a walk up the valley to Outerwards Reservoir which in itself was not particularly picturesque…

But the lovely views out to sea in the distance as we wandered back down the valley and the tranquility of our 5 mile walk made up for that.

Two thoughts of the day:

Heated car seats are quite handy for drying oneself out!

Absolutely no TV signal here – now that is a first – how will I cope?

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