The North Sands of Troon….

Well we got well and truly caught in a pretty heavy shower this morning on our walk, it started just as we left the site and stopped – yep just as we got back! However it was worth it as the day improved and we had a lovely sunny afternoon, still a bit blowy down on the beach but we were able to sit out in it on our return at about 5.30 which is almost a first this year! Parking up just beyond the harbour in Troon today we explored North Sands.

This beach has a lot of shells mixed in with the dry sand and retains a lot of water, perfect for dog walking but probably not so popular for sitting out on. Still it was nice and quiet so Poppydog enjoyed another afternoon on the beach.

Troon is not a particularly large Town but more long and thin running along quite a few miles of shore. It looks quite a gentile place with mostly large and spacious, a wide strip of open grassland separates the houses from the beach. The beach continues on beyond Troon as Barrassie Sands, a fairly narrow strip of quite course sand backed by low dunes.

At this point we decided to head back along the grass, enjoying the wonderful fragrance of these beautiful pink wild roses which seem to thrive along this stretch of coast.

Two thoughts of the day:

Midsummer’s Day – where has the year gone?

What a depressing thought that after today the nights start to draw in!

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