Troon and it’s lovely South Sands…..

As seems to be the way at the moment, a bit showery and cloudy in the morning but improving with some nice sunshine in the afternoon. Today we picked up where we left off yesterday and parked up at the southern end of Troon, just by the rather exclusive looking Royal Troon Golf Club, over the dunes from the beach.

I think this is the first time we have seen any sign of watersports since we’ve been in Scotland and it is certainly windy enough!

After a little play with an abandoned football (well actually quite a long play – in the end I had to hide the ball in order to move on!) we walked along the beach towards the town.

As we arrived in town the beach opens out to lots of soft white sand (looks as though the seaweed is dragged off daily) which was really pretty, especially in the sunshine on our return.

Beyond this beach the land juts out into the sea with a long grassy mound – some form of man made sea defence sheltering a row of houses, the harbour and a rather affluent looking Marina.

As the tide is safely on its way out, we used the outer path on our way back.

Sitting awhile just absorbing the power of the sea, warmth of the sun and views across to Arran – simply beautiful.

Another aspect if this rather splendid beach as we complete this 6.5 mile circuit.

Two thoughts of the day:

I wonder how many golf clubs we have seen on our travels?

I love finding a little hidden spot and just taking it all in (for as long as Poppydog will let me)!

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