From the North Shore at Ayr to Prestwick…..

A dry, cloudy and breezy day for us so we set off the short distance to Prestwick, it seems that Ayr and Prestwick just roll into each other, parking up on the sea front (lots of free parking). The tide is pretty much at peak so not surprisingly there is little or no beach at the south end of Prestwick.

We carry on towards the harbour in Ayr as according to the map the north side of the town also has a sandy beach….

Clearly we shall have to reserve judgment on that! Running from the harbour there is a wide concrete promenade along the top of the sea defences to the end of the houses in Prestwick. We managed to get down to a little bit of stony beach at Bell Rock which seems to separate Ayr North Beach from the southern end of Prestwick beach for Poppydog to stretch her legs.

Most of the southern end of Prestwick beach is still hidden by the tide, in the middle, however a smallish sand and stone beach remains and was being enjoyed by a few young families.

At the far end of the promenade the promise of the northern end of the beach is something we shall take away with us for another day.

A blowy but very enjoyable 6 mile walk, though we could not find the ruins of St Ninian’s Chapel and hospital or indeed find anyone who had even heard of them!

Two thoughts of the day:

We are missing the remoteness of The Rhinns of Galloway – this area is all quite built up and whilst not exactly busy we do enjoy our solitary walks.

Now I am constantly designing my ideal camper van in my head but how is this for a fabulous homemade effort? All the way from Germany and apparently started life as a child’s playhouse!

2 thoughts on “From the North Shore at Ayr to Prestwick…..

  1. What an awesome camper!
    Mark is constantly designing a camper in his head. I was really sneaky – I ran a competition ‘Stand By Your Van for the National Watersports Festival. The winner would be The Ultimate Watersports Van. That gave us loads of ideas!
    These were the winners.
    Note that ‘Blue’ is not ‘Big Blue’ – I have standards. I didn’t award myself the prize!

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