A walk along to Greenan Castle and beyond….

A bit showery through the night and pretty much through the day as well with only little glimpses of sunshine – so much for ‘flaming June’! Still, off we went in search of Greenan Castle, parking up on the south side of Ayr, in Castle Hill car park (passing through the ‘leafy’ side of town) and joined the coastal path as it meandered through a wide stretch of low dunes.

The tide is fully in so there is only a small strip of soft white sand, my favourite but not ideal for walking on.So we continued for awhile across the dunes, joining the beach just below the castle.

Wow how is that still perched up there?

We had Greenan Castle Beach to ourselves and we ignored the rather ominous looking clouds for a play.

After a while we continued on around the next headland to Craig Tara Beach with the Heads of Ayr at the end of the bay.

Again the beach was empty even though part of it is backed by a large holiday park, so Poppydog was able to do her own thing until the beach ran out just before the Heads of Ayr cliffs. On the way back we followed the footpath through the fields to take a closer look at the castle.

Whilst trying to find a footpath back down to the beach the weather caught up with us and the heavens opened.

With no shelter around we were soon drenched as we made our way back to the car – still a very nice 5.5 mile walk.

Two thoughts of the day:

How different the weather is this year compared to last – we have had the odd T-shirt moment but I’ve pretty much needed a jumper and it jacket every day!

When it rains here it doesn’t mess about!

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