Last day at Culzean Castle Country Park….

A few showers, a tiny bit of sunshine and a fair old brisk breeze was the order of our last day here at Culzean today. We did our chores and then went for a last walk through the park, there are so many footpaths it impossible to cover them all and as always once you go off the main pathways you rarely encounter anyone else. How lovely is this patch of daisies?Today we were lucky enough to get up close to a Fallow Deer, not something we are likely to do in the wild thanks to a certain Poppydog!

He was far more intent on grubbing around for food than showing any interest in us – pity about the fence!

Well we have enjoyed our time in South Ayrshire and absolutely loved keeping an eye on the Isle of Arran which we shall hopefully get to visit from our next site a rather long journey of 12 miles!

Two thoughts of the day:

Good thing someone is inside!

And I’ve just cleaned the window of this weeks nose art!!

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