A sunny afternoon on Croy Shore….

A bit of rain during the night and a fairly cloudy day though some really nice sunny intervals. As we have visited all the sandy beaches in South Ayrshire and we had a rather long walk yesterday, we decided to pop down to Croy Shore.Here we could enjoy the sunshine and solitude of Crane Dyke (not sure what it is actually called, but the beach to the north of Croy Shore.

Back on the 3rd of June on our way back from a walk along Bracken Bay we drove along Electric Brae, one of 7 gravity hills in the UK, where by phenomenon of optical illusion a freewheeling vehicle will appear to roll uphill. Now to be fair this was my fourth attempt to ‘get it’ but sure enough, when I put the car in neutral on what appeared to be a gentle decline, the car rolled in the opposite direction – quite a weird sensation!

Very difficult to describe and impossible to capture but if you look very carefully at the grass verge on the left of this video clip you can just tell the car is very slowly rolling backwards uphill!

Quite extraordinary!

Two thoughts of the day:

Where else in the U.K. would you feel confidently safe to purposefully stop your car in the middle of an A road to see which direction it freewheeled in!

It would be rather nice if the weather warmed up a bit!

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