A wander along Loch Doon…

Another grey day today and also a little chilly at times – more like a so so day in October really, than a day in mid June! For a change we have ventured inland into the top of the Galloway Forest to walk along Loch Doon.

For the first part of our walk we are accompanied by sheep and lambs, who are either jittery and skittish, running every which way (Poppydog is pretty much doing loop the loop on her lead at these!) when they actually notice you or if they feel they are far enough away they just stare.

But soon the terrain is more fern covered than grass as we wend our way along the single track lane just above the Loch.

After more miles than I had estimated we eventually arrived at our destination – Loch Doon Castle.

Not overly impressive but I guess it had its day!

Here we took a little break and as we haven’t seen any sheep for a mile or so, I took a chance and let Poppydog off road as we went down to the Loch.

She took the opportunity for good long drink and dunk in the water before demanding that I throw stones. We actually didn’t stay long as we were soon engulfed in a cloud of midges – our first proper encounter. I have to confess that I have always assumed people were exaggerating but they are not – the little blighters not content with covering every available bit of exposed skin and biting – get in your hair, up your nose and I kept my mouth firmly shut as we made a hasty retreat back up to the road!

It was a tired me and a not so tired Poppydog that made it back to the car some 11 miles later – we shall sleep well tonight!

Two thoughts of the day:

Try and say “Loch Doon” without a Scottish accent?

Silence is almost complete when walking lakeside or lochside – just the sweet sounds of birdsong – aah!

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