Walking along the main beach at Turnberry….

Another grey day but looking at the weather reports from around the country, I think we are faring pretty well! Today we decided to visit the main beach at Turnberry, our previous ramblings in this direction have always found the beach to be quite busy (by busy I generally mean someone else on it!) but today we are in luck.

Just sand and more sand, pretty much as far as the eye can see so armed with a couple of balls we set out to enjoy it! What is especially nice about this beach is the band of soft white sand at the top of the beach, backed by smallish sand dunes – the various golf courses run all the way along the top, just behind the dunes.

We spent a good hour or so just strolling along the beach, Poppydog either chasing a ball or some poor unsuspecting seabird and apart from one group of walkers following the coastal path and a boat fishing in the bay, had the beach to ourselves.

The sky looks pretty daunting at times but any rain looks destined for further inland.

The tide is nice and low as we explore around the corner the delights of the Lighthouse beach.

We decide to head back via the Lighthouse.

Crossing the golf course (the coastal path heading northwards turns inland here across the course on its way to Maidens), we decide to have a wander around the village or should I say ‘Trumpsville” on the way back.

All these substantial properties look to belong to the massive hotel which sits high up above them, looking down over the golfs courses and sea beyond – quite a little empire!

A thriving one at that, if the number of golfers and activity at the Clubhouse is anything to go by!

Whatever the politics, I will say it is nice to see an affluent and thriving village in these parts! Love this clock tower, looks like it should be on a mantelpiece!

Two thoughts of the day:

It has turned a bit windy and chilly is our luck with the weather about to run out?

It is time for Poppydog to get her ears clipped – if she won’t let me get rid of the knots then I have no choice! She won’t like it!

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