Ballantrae a long wild mix of beaches….

Not such a good day today, more cloudy than sunny and the wind is back, still it was dry so who’s complaining? Off to Ballantrae we went, the most southerly beach for us on this little section of our journey. We started our walk on the most southerly beach a mostly stony beach with a big bank of pebbles running along the back. Towards the far end of the beach the River Stinchar cuts through the beach, I had been told that during May you can see salmon as they cross the beach to begin their journey up the river – not so today – shame!

Back in the village, we clambered over the harbour wall and carried on over the harbour beach, a little more sandy and quite a bit more weedy.

Beyond lies yet another beach, a bit more sandy this time with some nice soft dry sand at the top.

Apart from the ever present traffic on the A77 which hugs the coastline we enjoyed a lovely peaceful 5.5 mile walk.

Two thoughts of the day:

It is a shame that the A77 wends its way all the way along this coastline and though not massively busy it is used by some quite big lorries and detracts from the enjoyment if these beaches.

Though it has to be said I enjoyed driving along it!

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