Culzean Castle and Port Carrick Beach……

After a grey start, what a glorious afternoon. It is so nice to see the sun again as it feels like it has been grey and mizzog forever! Today we decided on a staycation and set off for what turned out to be a glorious walk through the park. At last an opportunity to capture the archway at the visitor centre without a host of picnickers ruining the view (was seriously tempted to move the benches!)….With a peek in at the walled garden (no dogs allowed), though it looks to be a few weeks off its peak yet…

A wander around Swan Pool with irises in full bloom and the water lilies just popping their yellow blooms above water…

And finally a clamber down the woodland steps to Port Carrick beach….

Where we enjoyed a play in the sunshine…

The sea almost looks tempting but it still isn’t that warm and I’m sure the sea is certainly not!

A lovely 6 mile walk.

Two thoughts of the day:

It makes all the difference in the world when the sun comes out.

A picture paints a thousand words – I agree.

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