A slightly damp walk to Turnberry Lighthouse….

Well as forecast a bit of the damp stuff for us today. Fortunately it was mostly quite light until early evening by which time we didn’t mind! We popped a couple of miles south in the car to Maidens and strolled along the harbour wall (not that exciting) and then had a little play on the harbour beach for Poppydog (very exciting for her!) to let off steam.

We then followed the coastal path roadside for awhile until it turned back towards the coast at Turnberry Lighthouse.

Purchased and refurbished by non other than Mr D J Trump as a part of ‘Trump Turnberry”, a substantial hotel and golf complex, though still an active (automated) Lighthouse it provides luxury accommodation and a restaurant for golfers and walkers alike as a most famous ‘Halfway House’. We didn’t linger here but made our way down to the lovely sandy beach below.

We enjoyed a play on the beach before it started to rain again and we decided it was time to head back.

We took a quick look down at the long sandy Turnberry Bay before rejoining the coastal path as it cuts through one of the golf courses on our way back to Maidens. 5.5 miles.

Two thoughts of the day:

The weather looks like it might be a bit ropey for a few days, so we might just entertain ourselves in the country park until it brightens up again.

Even though we have had many more lovely days than grey or wet days it always feels like it has been miserable forever when you do get a wet one!

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