Culzean Bay a lovely stretch of mostly sandy bay…

The sunshine was back today, still a chilly breeze blowing but hey we are on the west coast! A stroll through the woodland down to the beach with a glimpse down at the site on the way.

On the edge of the castle section of the bay it is still quite stony with swathes of smelly weed.

Soon however the bay opens up to a lovely stretch of sand,

The beach was empty so Poppydog enjoyed a good run around, chasing the odd seabird as we wandered along.

Beyond the rocky outcrops at Burnfoot, again the beach cleared into another sandy expanse of Crane Dyke Bay.

We continued our walk until the beach ran out, resting for awhile (me that is!) enjoying fantastic views of the Isle of Arran.

A beautiful day and 6.5 miles walk.

Two thoughts of the day:

I met someone who said that looking out to the sea without an island in sight wasn’t right! I can sort of see what she meant.

Another stunning sunset – though the photo by no means does it justice.

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