Moving on to Culzean Castle….

Quite a wet and wild night with some rain through part of the morning and then a pretty grey and windy day. At least it was dry by the time we were ready to pack up and get on the road. A straightforward fifty mile drive practically due north and mostly hugging the rugged coastline – though I was having to concentrate on the rather windy road! We were soon in situ at Culzean Castle CCC, home for the next 3 weeks.

The wardens had very kindly reserved me a pitch with a view as I am staying for awhile – the only downside being the howling gale blowing in from the sea! The view from the front window.

Once set up we went for a walk through the woodland which runs along the edge of the site down through the Culzean Castle Country Park to the shore. Our first glimpse of Culzean Bay was through the trees over the top of the old Gas House (where coal was converted to supply gas to the castle and estate).

The tide is quite high but there was plenty of room on this Castle Bay for Poppydog to let off some steam.

Around the end of the bay we found a lane that would take us back up into the woodland and to site. A very pleasant albeit a tad blowy 4.5 mile circuit.

Two thoughts of the day:

Looking forward to seeing the Isle of Arran from the window when the clouds lift!

In my experience the CAMC sites are more spacious than the CCC sites – no possibility of tucking myself well out of the way here! Still it doesn’t feel too packed in and I fo have a view!

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